Who Is PRHub?

Pipe Restoration Hub is a company run by business marketing and sales executives who created it to fill the gaps that exist in the Pipe Lining Industry. The Pipe Lining Industry is not fully understood in the United States. This technology has been a staple in Europe for over sixty years were the typical dig and replace methods are unacceptable.
We communicate daily with our Members and Suppliers to help address the needs of our clients and help teach and train business wanting to get into the industry.
We’re just in a unique position to address these needs… because we’re not an industry Supplier or Contractor.

Our Efforts To Address These Needs:

For the People With Pipe Problems

• PRHub makes an on-going effort to educate the marketplace, pulling inquires from people dealing with pipe problems off the Internet and helping them look at pipe lining as a potential solution to their pipe problems. We are specifically targeting potential customer with multiple properties to educate and help them find quality Contractors

• Both small and large pipe lining customers have a difficult time finding quality Contractors, so PRHub provides a streamlined, free, process for these customers to get serviced by our Contractor Members

For Our Qualified Members who provide In Place Pipe Restoration

• Our Contractor Members are Qualified to provide the correct type of solution for the end users specific needs
• Our Contractor Members have access to our sales and marketing tools, consulting, and related support… and most importantly LEADS!
• Our Contractor Members have access to share best practiced within our Member Association

For People Wanting to Get Into the Business of In Place Pipe Restoration

• As a Third Party to this process, we look to help new entries into the market with unbiased information to select the right equipment and suppliers and become educated in the process

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