Not all pipes are an easy fix. Pipes that have collapsed sections,off-set joints or are simply beyond repair by lining could more easily be fixed by pipe bursting rather than conventional pipe laying. This method could also be used if you are looking to increase the diameter of your pipe. This is a trenchless method that can be done without cleaning out the pipe.

An expander head is connected to a cable or pulling rod and inserted through the existing pipe, breaking it apart, sending the broken fragments into the surrounding soil, and pushing or pulling a new pipe into place immediately behind it.

Pipe bursting can be done using pneumatic,hydraulic expansion or static pull. Static pipe bursting uses a hydraulic ram to pull bursting rods through the pipe to break it up and pneumatic pipe bursting uses an air compressor powered hammer to break up the pipe.

Pipe bursting, however, has its limits. This process can come across some difficulties if its in close proximity to other service lines, or if its surrounded by expansive soils.


Graphic Of Pipe Bursting

Video from YouTube, Unidentified Source; Good Overview Of Process

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