Pipe Restoration Hub is positioned as your ‘Expert’ for the Pipe Lining Industry. We have a group of Prime Contractor Members who offer a wider range of services than the typical contractor and cover multi-state/province regions. Our Contractors represent the full range of pipe lining & related services. Click on any item highlighted below for explanation or short video presentation:

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What Does This Mean? It means we can provide a quality Contractor anywhere in North America to address any of these processes!

We Offer Free Consulting Services To Any Of Our National Member Prospects… this means you.


PRH Prime Contractors are pre-qualified with our “Seal Of Approval

Our Contractors are leaders in Situ Pipe and Structural Rehabilitation Solutions. They can repair systems adding new life to potable and industrial piping and structures such as catch basins, manholes and more. Using cutting edge trenchless technologies they are able to restore the original elements to new condition in place.

Lining solutions to rehabilitate piping system range in size from 1/2 inch to 72 inches utilizing various proprietary techniques.

We can arrange to have this first step provided for you, complete the form below, or call us today for more information.

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  • ie: 20' long, 120' etc.. make best estimate
  • How many other pipes are coming into and joining the pipes that need to be restored?
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