Introduction To Pipe Lining

Pipes can be lined with a few different processes. Cured-in-place pipe lining, epoxy pipe lining are the two main distinctive categories. Cured-in-place pipe lining is an approved and widely adopted method for rehabilitating broken, cracked, and failed sanitary sewer pipes. With the exorbitant costs of traditional replacement (digging up and replacing the entire pipe), this process is growing every year. People with pipe problems can look to save their landscaping, driveway, parking lots, building foundations, and avoid all the disruption of replacement construction. Cured-in-place pipe lining is an extremely efficient way to rehabilitate many types of pipes; clay pipe replacement, cast iron pipe repair, HVAC pipe repair, storm drain replacement, golf-course overflow drainage pipes, drinking water lines, and sewer pipe lining of sanitary sewer pipe.



  • Eliminates Root Intrusion
  • Stops Infiltration/Ex-filtration
  • Seals Joint Connections
  • Seals Holes And Cracks
  • Can Do Roof Drain Vertical Pipes
  • Bridges Missing Sections Of Pipe
  • Can Do Building Pipes Under landscaping, Driveways, Slabs, Floors, etc.
  • Can Do Vertical Wet/Dry Stacks In Condo And Apartment Buildings
  • Can Renew Pipe Life Longer Than Replacement
  • Typically Quicker Than Replacement
  • Relines Virtually Any Material, Clay, Cast Iron, PVC, Etc…


  • More Affordable Than Traditional Digging (no clean up costs)

Epoxy Lining is a perfect solution for interior pipes, both sewer and potable water.

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