Epoxy Lining is a process that creates an resin barrier coating on the inside of existing piping systems. This process has the capability to rehabilitate pressurized pipes including potable water, fire sprinklers and natural gas lines ranging in diameter from 3/8 of an inch and up.The process provides a barrier coating protecting the pipe from internal corrosion,repairs pinhole leaks and prevents the leaching of piping materials into the product carried in the pipe. Epoxy lining for potable water needs to be NSF approved and UPC listed for safe use and consumption so water stays pure, clean and safe to drink. Continually patching pinhole leaks is not only costly, it is also disruptive to the owner and tenants, causing noise, mess and damage to the property. Engineers have noted that the service life of copper pipe is decreasing. Commonly used, thin-walled Type M copper pipe has a service life on only 10 years, whereas thicker Type L copper offers slightly more at 15 to 20 years. In contrast, epoxy lining in potable water systems has more than 25 years of proven performance and has a design life of 50 years supported by numerous independent studies. By implementing epoxy lining your copper hot water pipes are no longer vulnerable to pinhole leaks because epoxy pipe lining process removes the possibility of erosion.

Epoxy Lining Advantages

There is minimal disruption to residents. Whether working on the interior pipes of a building or a water main on the street, the job can be completed the job with minimal demolition or excavation. In fact, in most cases, tenants can remain in the building during the job.

Epoxy lining provides your residents years of clean, safe water, free from the hazards of corrosion.

Replacement of pipe usually has a 1-2 year warranty but epoxy lining warranty range from 10 to 50 years.

Epoxy pipe lining is a proven technology. Epoxy coating has been applied to municipal water supply infrastructure since the early 1970’s and to small diameter potable hot water piping for more than 30 years.

Epoxy lining of pipes will save 30-40% over replacement.Eliminating the cause of the corrosion, your cost in addition repairs, insurance and property damage is also reduced dramatically.

Epoxy Lining can be used for:

Single family homes

Multi tenant condos and buildings


Universities and schools


Commercial and Industrial buildings

Retirement and nursing homes

Fire suppression pipes

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