Epoxy Pipe Lining Before And After

Epoxy lining is a non-invasive technique that enables restoration of a pipe without having to rip apart a building structure hardscape, or landscape. The epoxy is used to coat the insides of pipes, preventing leakage and corrosion, as well as to sustain the life of a pipe.

The process begins with a diagnosis of the pipe, which checks for weakened joints, pinhole leads, cracks or other concerns. Once the inspection is complete,the pipe is drained and dried with hot air. This is followed by a cleaning, removing of any corrosion and clearing the system of anything else that could hinder water flow or affect the quality of the water. When the pipe is fully prepared for lining,conditioned air is used to evenly distribute the epoxy coating. Conditioned and controlled air is again used to cure the lining. The lining could also be applied using a spincast method, which uses a spray hose.


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